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CWS Begins Solar Film Installation Work at D.C. Convention Center

June 23, 2016

WASHINGTON – Commercial Window Shield has begun its massive and complex solar film installation project at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in the nation’s capital.
In all, the company will install 42,000 sq. ft. of solar film to correct heat, glare and fading issues with furniture, carpet and artwork.  This includes installing 7,500 sq. ft. anti-bird strike film on the L Street bridge corridor, a regular fly-through zone for birds.
The project called for an experienced contractor with special expertise in window film applications. After reviewing several bidders, Commercial Window Shield was chosen based on its proven track record and ability to engineer and execute large and complicated installations.
The project specifications called for 3M film to be installed on the exterior surface of all the building’s windows. However, Commercial Window Shield’s approved alternative plan called for a 3M equivalent film to be installed on the interior surface of the windows.  A longer film warranty was offered for inside installation and the installers will have an easier, safer job working on scaffolding rather than dangling from ropes, as would have happened for outside work.
Commercial Window Shield’s experience with complex projects, such as Grand Central Terminal and Bethesda Metro Center, also helped secure the project. For the convention center the company will be tackling the complex task of installing the solar window film on the building’s skylights in the L Street bridge area and the 80-foot wall of glass on the building’s Vermont Avenue side. The project will require special, custom-made scaffolding.
Commercial Window Shield is familiar with convention center projects. Previously, the company installed security film on 2,500 windows at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, where hurricanes are a constant threat.
The contract calls for potentially additional work over a four-year period.  The initial project is expected to last most of the summer, as installers have to account for the convention center’s busy schedule. 
With more than 30 years experience, Commercial Window Shield is the nation’s leading security and solar reflective window film installer.  Among its many projects in the nation’s capitol region, the company has protected windows at the U.S. Capitol, FBI headquarters, Pentagon, and all House of Representative and Library of Congress buildings. Nationwide, the company has completed projects at O’Hare International Airport, the Willis Tower [former Sears Tower], Merrill Lynch headquarters, and the Denver and Philadelphia mints.
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