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Decorative Films

Decorative Films on the Rise
Decorative glass enhancement privacy films are becoming increasingly popular. In newer buildings and renovated spaces, walled offices and conference rooms are being replaced by glass enclosures that offer the opportunity for a wide variety of decorative films. Some of the film designs are spectacular. They include:
  • perfect beach scenes
  • museum-quality paintings and photographs
  • geometrical patterns of all shapes and colors
Commercial Window Shield is Your Best Choice
Commercial Window Shield has a proven track record of working with contractors and architects.  For decorative film projects, our process includes:
  • Once the film has been selected we secure it from the manufacturer and develop a timeline for installation
  • We are nimble and flexible working in employee-occupied environments and plan our projects accordingly
  • We are thorough in our installation method, but we work fast and complete every project on time 
  • With more than 30 years in the business and having a talented team of engineers and installers, we can adapt to any unforeseen situation and finish the job according to spec.